Chappell-Hadlee Trophy between NZ-AUS now be played over both ODI, T20I formats

The Chappell-Hadlee Trophy, traditionally awarded to the winner of bilateral ODI series between Australia and New Zealand, will now be contested over both 50-over and T20I formats. The move aims to increase the trophy’s exposure and profile. The change has been jointly proposed by New Zealand Cricket and Cricket Australia and has been supported by both the Chappell and Hadlee families.

The Chappell-Hadlee Trophy, named to honor Australian cricketing brothers Ian, Greg and Trevor Chappell and the New Zealand cricket dynasty of Walter Hadlee and sons Barry, Dayle and Sir Richard, was launched in 2004-05 as a symbol of trans-Tasman supremacy in men’s ODI cricket. Now, it will also be contested in T20I formats.

The amended rules of engagement for the trophy include exempting it from ICC World events and establishing a points structure for times when T20I and ODI series are played back-to-back – to avoid the potential for it to be swapped back and forth within days.

Australia currently holds the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy after beating New Zealand 3-0 in an ODI series in Cairns in September 2022, while New Zealand have lifted the trophy on four occasions.

Former New Zealand great Sir Richard Hadlee expressed his support for the move, stating, “It’s great that the trophy will have more visibility and profile. I like the new conditions too – especially in the event of back-to-back 20-over and 50-over series. It means all games will continue to be relevant, and that the trophy will remain on the line for a longer period – plenty to play for.”

Former Australian Test captain Greg Chappell also applauded the move, saying, “Having our family name on the Chappell-Hadlee is a great source of pride for Ian, Trevor and myself. We’re pleased it will now be awarded for bilateral T20 series as well as ODIs.”

The opening game of the three-match T20I series will be played at Sky Stadium, Wellington, on Wednesday, ahead of back-to-back showdowns at Auckland’s Eden Park on Friday night and Sunday.

Overall, the move to contest the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy over both 50-over and T20I formats has been supported by the cricketing communities of both Australia and New Zealand, aiming to increase exposure and celebrate the legacy and history of international cricket.