GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online, Causes Uproar in the Gaming Community

Rockstar Games has met with another drawback as GTA 5 source has leaked on the internet. According to multiple news websites, the leak includes GTA 5 source code and GTA 6 files. It has been suspected that the leaks also include some files related to the sequel to the company’s 2006 hit game, ‘Bully’.

The incident has sparked an outcry on social media as well as in the gaming community. A few weeks ago, the trailer of GTA 6 was also leaked 25 hours before its official schedule.

GTA 5 source code and GTA 6 Map Files leaked

As mentioned above GTA 6, one of the most in-demand games of current times has met with another setback along with its prequel GTA 5. GTA 5’s source code and GTA 6’s files related to the game’s early map were leaked on the internet.

SKizzleAXE, a renowned YouTuber posted a screenshot of the alleged leak on his Twitter handle, which contained contained codes related to the game’s map.

Additionally, the screenshot indicated that GTA 6 was earlier nicknamed “Project Americas.” A few files for the game ‘Bully 2’, a much-awaited sequel to the 2006 hit game Bully are also detected in the leaked screenshots. 

Lapsus$ hacker Arion Kurtaj

A Lapsus$ hacker named Arion Kurtaj was found responsible for the GTA 6 gameplay last year. Back in 2022 September, he leaked around 90 videos related to the game. To this day it is regarded as the biggest leak in the history of the gaming industry. He was later sentenced to an indefinite period in hospital prison based on a mental assessment.

Rockstar Games have lately dealing with leakage controversy. Last month, files related to Trevor, one of the main protagonists in the upcoming game, and Jet Pack were also leaked.