How Can You Put Your Employees First While Increasing Productivity?

Although you might want to wade in and improve your productivity by any means, this should not come at the cost of your employees’ mental health, and it is still important to consider their welfare and work around their needs. In fact, by doing so, you might find that they are naturally more productive and that your business is an even greater success. Then, here are some of the best ways that you can put your employees first in 2024 and increase the productivity of your workforce at the same time.

Create Employee Development Plans

If you are wondering, ‘How do you develop employees?’, one of the best ways to juggle prioritizing your employees with increasing your productivity is to create employee development plans. Although you might believe that you do not have time to create these plans or discuss them with your employees in a performance review setting, these can be vital for your staff and your company’s future. These can allow your employees to keep on track and help them reach their goals and be the best they can be.

This can also motivate your employees by showing them that you care about them and their career progression, whether this is within your company or not. By creating employee development plans, you will be able to hone your employees’ skills, allowing them to do their jobs faster and increasing productivity by ensuring that they want to improve and perform the best work possible.

Give Them Generous Breaks

If you want to put your employees first, you should ensure that they are given generous breaks each day. These breaks can be used to refresh your team and relieve stress. Also, breaks can prevent your team members from experiencing back pain, repetitive strain injuries, migraines, and blurred vision from extended computer use. They might choose to use this break to eat food, go for a walk, or simply socialize and catch up with their colleagues.

Once they return to their desks, you might find that they are more engaged than they were before the break, and that they are less sluggish when they are carrying out work. You might also find that new ideas have come to them during the break that they would not have thought of if they have been hunched up at their desks all day.

Be Relaxed With Time Off

Some employers are incredibly strict about time off. Although it is important that you have all the staff that you need at any one time, you should try to be relaxed when it comes to giving your employees time off. Some employers even decide to offer endless vacation time to their employees, and, in these cases, notice that their employees take fewer days off each year.

By being generous when it comes to days off, you will put your employee’s mental welfare first and ensure they can maintain other priorities in their lives, such as family and hobbies. This will also put you in good faith with your employees, and they are more likely to be happy to perform tasks for you and want your business to do well. This can also minimize the rates of burnout within your company and will enable employees to be able to take their mental wellbeing into their own hands.

Give Them Praise

However, it is unlikely that your employees will be particularly engaged and motivated if all you do is criticize them and give them negative feedback. This means that you should take time out of your day to praise them often, especially when they have done a job well. This can release endorphins that will make them want to do tasks well- and quickly- for you again.

This can be verbal or written praise; you should not withhold it for special occasions. However, you might decide to set up an awards scheme to congratulate stand-out employees, and that can push others to try their hardest to be in the running for an award.

Offer Benefits

It is also important to offer your employees benefits that make working for your company worth it and make them want to stay with you. You might give them an excellent health insurance policy, end-of-summer and seasonal parties, and time off for their birthday or childcare. By giving them little extras, you will be inspiring loyalty and showing that you care, and this will make it likely that your employees will want to please you and aim toward a promotion, rather than giving in their notice.