India win 6 medals at WPC series- 2024 Asia Pickleball Open

New Delhi, Feb 20 (IANS) – Indian pickleball players showcased their exceptional skills at the WPC series-2024 Asia Pickleball Open in Thailand, securing a total of six medals, including two gold, one silver, and three bronze. The team’s remarkable performance highlighted India’s dominance in the sport on the international stage.

In the open men’s doubles category, Tejas Mahajan and Vanshik Kapadia demonstrated exceptional coordination and strategic prowess to secure the gold medal. They showcased remarkable synergy to secure a resounding victory in the team event as well, contributing to India’s second gold at the championship.

The team’s success continued in the open mixed doubles category, with Mayur Patil and Isha Lakhani securing the silver medal, and Kuldip Mahajan and Hong Yi Wong from Hong Kong earning the bronze. In the Open Women Doubles category, Isha Lakhani and Vrushali Thakare added to the accolades with a bronze medal, highlighting the strength and talent of Indian women in the sport.

In the 35+ Mixed Doubles category, Isha Lakhani and Martin Clark secured the bronze, reflecting the depth of talent and skill within the Indian pickleball community. President of AIPA and the International Pickleball Federation, Arvind Prabhoo, expressed pride in the team’s exceptional skill and sportsmanship.

Tejas Mahajan, gold medallist in Open Men’s Doubles and the team event, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support, saying, “This victory is not just mine; it symbolizes the collective effort and dedication of our team, showcasing the strength of Indian pickleball on the global platform, all thanks to AIPA (All India Pickleball Association).”

Vanshik Kapadia, who secured gold in Open Men’s Doubles, extended appreciation to teammates and supporters, stating, “This triumph is a testament to the collaborative spirit within our team, and I am proud to contribute to India’s success in the world of pickleball.”

The remarkable performance of Indian players at the WPC series-2024 Asia Pickleball Open has solidified India’s position as a dominant force in the sport on the international stage, setting the stage for even greater success in the future.