KSI’s Streaming Return Cut Short Due to IP Address Leak

KSI, also known as Olajide Olayinka Williams ‘JJ’ Olatunji, returned to streaming after a 10-year-long hiatus, but his IP Address got leaked, and he had to to halt the streaming of his official broadcast.

The youtuber boasts over 40 million subscribers and was eagerly looking forward to refreshing his content. He had informed his fans through a tweet about his return to streaming.

KSI had tweeted:

“Today is the day I stream.”

However, his venture did not go as planned and someone leaked his IP address.

KSI’s fans were exhilarated, with one fan gleefully writing,

“KSI is streaming before GTA 6. That’s wild,”

while another fan expressed excitement about KSI’s return.

The anticipation of something new and unique from KSI had fans buzzing.

KSI’s Return Stream Ends Instantly After IP Address Is Leaked

Things were going smoothly for the 30-year-old Prime founder for an hour until the first hint of trouble came when the YouTuber swore, “God dammit,”

“God dammit, guys. My IP got leaked.

“I got to end the stream. I’m sorry. I’ll see you a bit in a bit.

“God dammit! You guys always gotta ruin the fun.”

Just an hour into the live streaming, KSI had to abruptly end his broadcast.

All hell broke loose as KSI’s fans vented their anger, with one fan lamenting how some weirdo decided to leak KSI’s IP address and put a damper on the fun which had just begun.

Some fans also hurled a multitude of expletives like “Man, I hate you motherf**s,” while another said, “whoever it was is a pure sad pk.”

However, the youtuber was back on stream after he sorted out a few technical issues.

KSI is a well-known YouTuber, and in recent years, he has entered the world of boxing and was involved in six fights, with four wins, one loss, and one no-contest. However, his stint with boxing was not smooth, and recently, KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion had its license suspended by the Professional Boxing Association ‘in the interest of boxer safety’.

Misfits denied the allegations and reiterated that Misfits Boxing events give utmost importance to the safety of all its fighters.

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