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Who is Miro Heiskanen?

Miro Heiskanen is a prominent Finnish professional ice hockey defenseman who currently serves as the alternate captain for the Dallas Stars in the National Hockey League (NHL). Born on July 18, 1999, in Espoo, Finland, Heiskanen rose through the ranks of Finnish hockey, eventually becoming one of the top prospects in the NHL.

Is Miro Heiskanen Dating Anyone?

As of the latest updates, Miro Heiskanen is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone. Despite his growing popularity in the hockey world, Heiskanen remains focused on his career and prefers to keep his personal life private. There have been no reports or rumors linking him to any romantic relationships, and he has managed to steer clear of controversies.

Who is Miro Heiskanen’s Girlfriend?

Miro Heiskanen does not have a girlfriend at the moment. He has not publicly disclosed any past relationships or dating history, maintaining a low profile when it comes to his personal affairs. Heiskanen prefers to keep his private life away from the spotlight, and as such, there is little information available about his romantic interests.

Miro Heiskanen Family: Parents

Details about Miro Heiskanen’s family, including his parents, are not widely known. Heiskanen grew up in Espoo, Finland, alongside his siblings, but specific information about his family members remains undisclosed. Despite his fame as a hockey star, Heiskanen values his family’s privacy and rarely discusses them in the media.

Miro Heiskanen Age

Born on July 18, 1999, Miro Heiskanen is currently 24 years old as of 2024. He began making waves in the hockey world at a young age and has since established himself as one of the top defensemen in the NHL.

Miro Heiskanen Net Worth

According to, Miro Heiskanen’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.25 million as of January 2024. He signed a lucrative eight-year contract worth $67.6 million with the Dallas Stars, solidifying his financial stability in the league. With his promising career trajectory, Heiskanen’s net worth is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Miro Heiskanen: Height and Weight

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing approximately 84 kg, Miro Heiskanen possesses a strong and athletic physique ideal for his role as a defenseman in professional hockey. His physical attributes, combined with his exceptional skills on the ice, make him a formidable presence in the NHL.

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