Sites that are designed to help beginners better understand World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is at the peak of its popularity despite its long history of existence, which has been going on for more than 10 years, and the regular release of updates is one of the reasons why new players come to the project.

Beginners who are just starting to comprehend the main content, mechanics and game subtleties will face many questions.

The beginner must:

  • Choose your race and class based on sympathy for one of the factions.
  • Master your class and develop it based on the current meta.
  • Be able to farm experience and gold as a key currency for all transactions with NPCs and players.
  • Learn how to act correctly in 1×1 PVP and with a large number of players.
  • Understand dungeon mechanics.

To master all these important gaming skills, you will be helped by the main sites that were created to help gamers – beginners and experienced players.

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WowFandom



Follow the link – and you will be taken to a site that was created to help gamers in most online games. In Skycoach, you can buy game gold, order a pumping service, or training, get help in passing difficult dungeons and locations.


Gold is the most important currency in the world of Azeroth in World of Warcraft. Gold is used to buy weapons and armor, support potions, consumables, and pay for other players’ services and trade.

Skycoach can sell you in-game gold in any quantities with a money-back guarantee in case of disputes. The deal is disguised as a standard exchange, so the game administration will have no reason to impose game sanctions on you.


A service in which you entrust your account to professional Skycoach players to perform the service of upgrading your character to the required level or value. For the security of the account, VPN is used, and the service guarantees the safety of the client’s personal data; after the end of the service, it is recommended to change the password.


Actual service for beginners, instead of pumping, you learn to play a full-fledged game on a character with the support of a professional Skycoach player. You will be taught farming skills, understanding the game meta, the ability to play on a character in PVE and PVP, and the correct development and pumping of a hero in social spheres – professions.


Wowhead is a huge World of Warcraft related database that is regularly updated and written by professional and experienced players for beginners and all players who need in-game help and tips.

On Vovhead you can find full-fledged guides for any class – how to upgrade, current equipment, what professions are better to take and why, places to gain experience and important quests, at what stage it is worth sailing to the Dragon Islands and much more.

One of the nice bonuses will be the base of guides with branching for the game character. For example, the magician chooses the path of development into ice, fire and lasso.

On Wowhead you will find a description of the skills and abilities when choosing a particular specialty, the pros and cons and skills that you should choose in the skill tree in order to maximize your class.

Fire Mage will be good in mass PvE due to additional fire damage on all targets that he will hit with AoE damage in the form of burning.

Ice Mage will be good against single targets and in PvP due to the imposition of numerous negative effects in the amount of damage. You will be able to slow down the target, reduce the main characteristics and hold it in place for a short time.

The Arcane Mage will be good against targets with a lot of health, as he deals increased damage through finishing skills. You apply a damaging effect and enhance it with a finishing skill that stacks damage and applies two effects at once on the target. The arcane mage has many passive skills in the talent tree that increase magic attack power, critical attack chance, and spell casting speed.

Wow fandom

The fandom is a great storehouse of knowledge about World of Warcraft and other online games.

It is extremely important to read all information about NPCs, items and quests, raids and PVP attributes.

For example, when you follow the quest chain, you will come across secondary quests with various rewards. It is not necessary to complete them, however, if you read in advance about all the features of the mission, location, requirements for completion, and most importantly, the reward. After analyzing all the data, you can draw conclusions and make a more correct and balanced decision that will save time if the task is less useful than it takes time to complete.

Pay attention to the characteristics and description of the weapon that you are going to craft, or order production from other craftsmen if you have an inscription.

After reading the description and characteristics of the weapon, you can find all the information about the inscription that is required, the list of resources that need to be collected and where they can be obtained. If the materials can be bought in the article there will be information about this. The goal of the fandom is to provide a full spectrum of information comparable to Wikipedia, and to do so concisely to save time and retain all the main points.