Who is Architect Ioana Stan? Girlfriend of Radu Dragusin As Their Photos Go Viral on Social Media

Radu Dragusin is a well-known Romanian footballer with a massive global fanbase around the world. This time his personal life takes the front seat. Several of his photos with his girlfriend Ioana Stan are currently going viral on the internet.

Recently, he made headlines when Tottenham Hotspur signed him for £25m. But here we will be diving into his personal life and find out more about his new girlfriend. Keep on scrolling- 

Read to know more about Ioana Stan, the new love of Radu Dragusin


As per news reports, the couple has been dating for the past three years. Ioana Stan is an aspiring architect and is currently studying at The Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning located in Bucharest.

The couple often share cute photos on their social media accounts. Their romance began to blossom around 2021 when they started appearing on each other’s social media handles, marking the official start of their relationship.


As for Ioana Stan, she is not just an avid architect but also has a passion for fashion. By taking a look at her Instagram handle, her life is filled with luxury and glamour. Her taste in terms of clothes and travel shows she is perfect for the footballer. Plus, she is often seen at matches supporting her partner with full enthusiasm. Her determination to pursue her degree in architecture also shows she is career-driven. 

As for Radu Dragusin, he is a footballer who professionally played as a defender for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as well as Romania national team. Tottenham Hotspur has again signed him for £25m, and the contract will keep him playing for the team until 2030.

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