Who is Brock Purdy’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

Is Brock Purdy Dating Anyone?

Yes, Brock Purdy is currently in a relationship with Jenna Brandt.

Who is Brock Purdy’s Girlfriend?

Brock Purdy’s girlfriend is Jenna Brandt. The couple made their relationship public in November 2022 on Instagram. They met while attending Iowa State University.

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Is Brock Purdy Married?

As of the latest information, Brock Purdy is engaged to Jenna Brandt. They got engaged in the summer of 2023 and have set a wedding date for March 9, 2024.

Who is Brock Purdy?

Brock Purdy is a professional football quarterback who plays for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. He gained recognition after being selected as the final pick, “Mr. Irrelevant,” in the 2022 NFL draft. Despite this, he has made significant strides in his career and is now headed to the Super Bowl in 2024.

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Who is Jenna Brandt?

Jenna Brandt is Brock Purdy’s girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. Like Purdy, she also attended Iowa State University. Jenna was a volleyball player for three seasons at Iowa State before transferring to the University of Northern Iowa. She is supportive of Brock’s career and often attends his games.

Brock Purdy’s Career

Before entering the NFL, Brock Purdy played college football at Iowa State University. He emerged as a talented quarterback, gaining national attention during his sophomore year. Purdy continued to excel throughout his college career, establishing himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Iowa State history.

Purdy’s journey to the NFL wasn’t without challenges. Despite not being highly touted in the draft, he persevered and earned a spot on the San Francisco 49ers roster. Throughout his NFL career, Purdy has shown resilience and determination, proving himself as a capable quarterback.

As for his college career, Purdy’s statistics speak volumes about his skill and impact on the field. Across four seasons at Iowa State, he amassed impressive numbers, demonstrating his ability to lead the offense effectively.

Here is a breakdown of Purdy’s college career statistics:

2018 10 146 220 66 2,250 16 7 100 308 5
2019 13 312 475 66 3,982 27 9 93 249 8
2020 12 243 365 67 2,750 19 9 87 382 5
2021 13 292 407 72 3,188 19 8 85 238 1
Career 48 993 1,467 68 12,170 81 33 365 1,177 19

Purdy’s remarkable performances on the field didn’t go unnoticed. He had several standout games during his college career, showcasing his talent and leadership abilities.

One of Purdy’s memorable games was against Oklahoma State on October 6, 2018. In that game, he threw for 318 passing yards, four passing touchdowns, and rushed for 84 yards and one touchdown. This performance earned him recognition and marked the beginning of his impactful college career.

Another notable game was the Alamo Bowl against Washington State on December 28, 2018. Despite the team’s loss, Purdy demonstrated his versatility by throwing for 315 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and rushing for two touchdowns.

Throughout his college career, Purdy consistently delivered impressive performances, solidifying his reputation as a talented quarterback. His leadership on and off the field earned him respect from teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Purdy’s dedication and perseverance have propelled him to success. As he continues his journey in the NFL, he carries with him the lessons learned from his college career and the support of his loved ones, including his fiancée, Jenna Brandt.

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