Who is Bunty Sajdeh? Virat Kohli’s Ex-Manager Net Worth, Salary, Age, and Indian Team Connections

Virat Kohli parts ways with his ex-manager Bunty Sajdeh. This shocking news came up after a day or two after the 2023 World Cup Final occurred. A decade ago, Kohli joined Sajdeh’s Cornerstone, which is a talent management company.

Why did Virat Kohli unfollow Bunty Sajdeh?

As per the latest news, Virat Kohli has unfollowed Bunty. However, until now the reason for their split remains unknown. As per revolving rumors, it is speculated that Kohli is planning to set up his own company to manage his brand activities.

Virat Kohli and Bunty Sajdeh’s long-term partnership

Virat Kohli Joined Sajdeh’s talent management company, Cornerstone almost a decade ago. As per reports, Kohli’s brand value has been declining for the past two consecutive years. This happened when he left the captaincy of the Indian men’s cricket team. Cornerstone managed Virat’s value presence and commercial interests off the field.

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Apart from this, the duo were each other’s close friends. Their partnership resulted in signing deals with big companies like Puma, which was worth 100 crore. As per reports, Kohli’s interest was Cornerstone’s priorities over other players and athletes. The company also chose to focus on Virat Kohli primarily. However, as per recent news, the duo parted ways.

Who is Bunty Sajdeh?

Bunty Sajdeh is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment. His agency manages some of the top Indian cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli. Bunty is a renowned figure in India among Bollywood celebrities and sports personalities. His exceptional talent management skills have brought him accolades and recognition throughout the nation.

Bunty Sajdeh and Virat Kohli
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Bunty’s Net Worth and Salary

As per reports presented by Zee News, as of 2023, Bunty Sajdeh has a net worth of around Rs 50 Crore.

Connection with Rohit Sharma’s Wife?

Ritika Sajdeh, who is the wife of famous cricketer Rohit Sharma, and Bunty Sajdeh are first cousins. Famous Bollywood Actor, Sohail Khan’s ex-wife, Seema Sajdeh is the sister of Bunty Sajdeh.

Bunty and Sonakshi Sinha’s Relationship

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As per reports, and rumors, famous Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and Bunty have been dating each other since 2012. However, neither of them, Sonakshi Sinha or Bunty Sajdeh spoke about their relationship or confirmed the same openly. In the past, Bunty Sajdeh’s name has also been associated with numerous actresses.

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